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KHDK Electronics JSL

KHDK Electronics JSL  ·  Source: KHDK Electronics


The new KHDK Electronics Scott Ian signature JSL stompbox gives you the Anthrax axeman’s latest amp-and-boost in one convenient unit. The pedal was inspired by Scott’s sold-out Sgt D model, and is limited to 333 pieces.


KHDK Electronics JSL

Limited to just 333 units worldwide, the JSL is the latest KHDK Electronics signature pedal for Anthrax’s Scott Ian. It was inspired by the now long sold-out Sgt D pedal from 2020, but revamped, redesigned and made more metal, and given more clarity.

Apparently, it is “Certified by the Anti-Zombie Space Federation, powered by cold fusion, lasers and a stunning pair of Bermuda shorts.” So, I’m expecting some gain and a tight bottom, hopefully.

We went back to the drawing board and redesigned the circuit to give you even more clarity and metal. – KHDK Electronics


KHDK Electronics JSL: Booster and Amp in one

Boost & Amp

The JSL contains both a boost section as well as an amp section. Each section has channel-specific controls and offers what KHDK calls a “game-changing” right-hand switch. You get controls for Treble, Boost and Bass on the boost half of the pedal, and  Treble, Mid, Bass, Volume and Gain controls on the amp section of the pedal. It looks simple enough to dial in.


You can also use the Booster side as a standalone effect, as it has its own separate circuit board. The boost section is modelled after a booster pedal used by Ian during his early Anthrax and S.O.D. days, and operates as a pre-distortion EQ control.


KHDK Electronics JSL, certified by the Anti-Zombie Space Federation!

Limited Edition

Each of the 333 pedal comes with a certificate signed by Scott Ian.Units should start shipping in January 2022. You can order directly form the KHDK site link below, but be quick or you may well miss out. You can see the new signature pedal in Scott Ian’s Instagram post below.

RRP – USD 249.99


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KHDK Electronics JSL

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