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Kemper Fuzz

Kemper Fuzz  ·  Source: Kemper

Kemper Fuzz is part of the German manufacturer’s latest OS update, adding some fuzzy goodness to the popular Profiler system, along with a list of other new features for users.

Kemper Fuzz

This latest Profiler OS 8.2 adds the FUZZ Drive System, plus new FX presets and a Studio EQ, along with a wattage meter. There’s also an extra drive for the new Kemper Power Kabinet.

Kemper PROFILER Stage

Kemper Profiler Stage

Virtual Fuzz

Let’s take a closer look at the Fuzz Drive. Kemper users now have access to new styles of fuzz, including Jimi’s Fuzz face, Tycobrahe Octavia and Rocket Octavia. The engineers have also added ways to create your own fuzz tones, from old ’50s-style fuzz tones to modern-day dirt sounds. You also have 340 permanent Factory FX Presets included as part of v8.2 , so the update definitely adds some value in the effects section.

Studio EQ

Kemper’s new Studio Equalizer has parameters for Steep Low and Steep High. The filters can be switched from 1st to 2nd order and have gain controls for +/- 18 dB.

Kemper Power Kabinet out at last!

Kemper Power Kabinet

Power Kabinet

Finally, you now have Kemper Kone menu parameters, like the new Wattage Meter and boost/drive feature for your Kemper Kone. That adds more ways for you to control and sculpt tones in your Kabinet.

You can download OS 8.2 from the link below. Just remember to follow Kemper’s instructions on backing up your unit before you attempt any update. And check out the demo videos below to hear the new fuzz section in action.

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