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Keeley Rotten Apple Fuzz pedal

Keeley Rotten Apple Fuzz. Smashing Pumpkins in a pedal?  ·  Source: Keeley/YouTube


Keeley Electronics has just released its new Rotten Apple Fuzz, a very ’90s-sounding dirt box with tones heavily influenced by Billy Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins. It’s crammed full of those cutting, full-on fuzz tones so reminiscent of that era.



The Keeley Electronics Rotten Apple Fuzz is almost all the ’90s Billy Corgan fuzz tones in one simple little black and white box. The Pumpkins association is so strong it even has a concentric circle graphic similar to the one used on the band’s classic ‘Aeroplane Flies High’ EP box set.

Three simple controls are labelled Loud, Buzz and Tone. They control the OpAmp-based fuzz circuit, and provide exactly the control you would expect from this style of fuzz. On top of the three basic controls you also get a three-way mini-toggle switch with the positions Full, Flat and Scoop. Each affects the tone stack in a different way. The Full mode adds some bass, while the Scoop mode removes some mids. The middle Flat position leaves the tone stack unaffected.

Keeley Rotten Apple Fuzz pedal

Rotten Apple with Aeroplane Flies High inspired graphics! · Source: Keeley


This bass heavy, mid-cut fuzz was allegedly tested extensively with a Stratocaster loaded with Lace Sensor pickups, which is exactly what Mr Corgan used throughout that era in the Pumpkins. Now, I’m a huge Pumpkins fan and adore that era of the band, so I will be checking one out myself pretty soon and putting it through its paces.

Of course, other fuzz pedals are a lot more versatile. This one is limited in its appeal to Pumpkins fanboys like me. If you want thick, cutting fuzz tone and like a more aggressive fuzz, you may want to listen to the official demo video below. Yes, it is full of Pumpkins riffs!



Keeley Electronics Rotten Apple Fuzz product page

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Keeley Rotten Apple Fuzz pedal

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One response to “Keeley Electronics’ Rotten Apple Fuzz and a Siamese Dream”

    Bob says:

    I was curious why the Rotten Apple was discontinued. Because of sales? Lack of original parts? Both? I ordered one off Reverb and I’m just curious.
    Thanks, bob

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