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Joyo Nebulous Phase pedal IronMan series mini FX effect

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Joyo’s new Nebulous Phase pedal is the latest addition to their IronMan series of effects. Designed to be compact and also priced at the budget end of the effects market, does this four-stage phaser bring something new to the table?

IronMan Series

The concept behind the IronMan series of effects appears to focus on price and size, while also adding a bit of a gimmick. What you get seems to be a very compact, affordable mini-effect pedal with the rather odd little flap/visor on the top which covers the pedals controls. I think it is so that you don’t accidentally knock them accidentally or kick off the knobs with you feet. Either way it is a bit of an odd look; you can see where the ‘super hero’ naming comes from.


For your money you get a basic set of controls: Speed, Width and Feedback. That provides all the basic settings you need for a phaser. Given the minimal space, they have done well to get three controls on the front. This, remember, is a 4-stage phaser, which means the guitar signal is split, with one part sent off through four filters that are modulated by an internal LFO to give the sound movement, whilst the other part is left unaffected. The two signals are then blended together to achieve the phase effect.


Well, I’m impressed with its lack of stature; it really looks dinky! Sound-wise it seems to be a fairly standard-sounding phaser effect, and nothing in the demo below made my jaw drop and go “I must own this phaser!”

However it seems pretty serviceable, and because it is so minute it would be easy to incorporate onto an already packed pedal board. You’ll just need to run it from an external 9v power supply as its too small for a battery. On the plus side, it is true bypass and so shouldn’t colour your guitar signal when not engaged, whereas some of my favourite old ’70s phaser pedals aren’t so pedal board friendly.

If you are pushed for space and like the idea of having a useable phaser in your rig then this could be one to go try out. Personally, I would probably spend just a little more and get something with a bit more character.

Joyo Nebulous Phase pedal specifications: site 

RRP GBP £49.99


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