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Joyo JP-05 rechargeable power supply

Joyo JP-05 rechargeable power supply  ·  Source: Joyo

Having previewed this unit at Musikemsse 2018, Joyo has now officially announced its new JP-05 rechargeable pedalboard power supply. This clever little unit should be enough to bring most pedal collections to life, and it’s offered at a pretty low price. And it’s rechargeable, so you can use this without mains power…

Joyo JP-05

The new JOYO JP-05 power supply is rated between 100 and 500 mA, with three outputs running at the higher DC 9V 500mA and the other four outputs rated at a useful DC 9V 100mA. Plus, you can also select between 9V,12V and 18V on the last output at 100mA, so there is lots of power on tap for various effects pedal combinations here. Then you also get a handy 5V output configured as a USB port for charging your smartphone or tablet. This all means even you pedal addicts with stupid amounts of effects should have enough juice to power your live rig.

Cheap and cheerful?

Yes, it is very cheap. This can sometimes be a problem with power supplies. But I think Joyo has a decent reputation for making budget guitar equipment and so I am hoping this new unit can deliver the goods.


This is handy feature allows you to charge the JP-05 and run your gig untethered, avoiding mains earthing hum and annoying power cables trailing across the stage.

Joyo has neglected to let us know how long a full charge will last on average, though, so you’ll have to experiment with the internal 4400 mAh lithium battery and see how it performs with your pedal collection. If it can do a few hours then it should be able to handle the average gig with no problem, I suppose. Either way, this is a bit of a bargain really, especially as they include all the cables in the price!

RRP – USD 69.99

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