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Guitto Pedalboards

Guitto Pedalboards  ·  Source: Guitto


Joyo has just announced its new Guitto range of pedalboards with a unique way too attach your pedals. The trick: You clamp your effects onto the board with movable screws, holding them firmly down. And no Velcro in sight. Joyo says it can fit any and all effects.


Guitto Accessories GBP

Guitto is a Joyo daughter brand for guitar-related equipment for musicians, like acoustic guitar pickups, stands, strings and so on. The GBP pedalboard series consists of three models: GBP-01, GBP-02 and GBP-03 . The number in the model name indicates how many effect pedals you can pack on. Each pedalboard has rails with four grooves or recesses onto which the clamps (or “fixture blocks”) are screwed.

 Guitto GBP pedalboard range

Guitto GBP pedalboard range · Source: Guitto

Plenty of room?

The power supply can also be clamped onto the underside of the board. The grips on the side can be also be detached. The board ships with a T and L Allen key. So be prepared to fiddle about a bit to bolt and unbolt your pedals into the right position. That might take you a bit longer than Velcro does. But to be honest, Velcro is such a PITA to use that I’d be happy to find a way of avoiding it. I’d like to try one of these new GBP boards out sometime.

There are no official prices yet, but knowing Joyo (or should that be Guitto) they should be fairly competitive. Will this system be successful? It will come down to the build quality and ease of use in adding and removing your effects pedals. But a worthy idea!



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Guitto GBP pedalboard - No more Velcro!

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5 responses to “Joyo Guitto GBP Pedalboard Series: Saying goodbye to Velcro?”

      Dane says:

      Not really the same. The Aclam products have a major design flaw: no gaps between the rails to route cables. They hide this flaw somewhat in the product pictures by showing a fully-stacked pedalboard … without a single cable. Also, there’s no provision for attaching a power brick, so you still end up using cable ties or velcro to fixate the power brick somehow. I very much prefer Joyo’s solution.


      Any word when this might be available through Thomann?

        Dave says:

        Aclam just released a version with gaps for cables. They also have brackets for mounting a power supply under the board.

    Sam says:

    michael is correct, the Joyo design is a complete rip-off of the Aclam design.

    JimBeam says:

    And here we are over three years later and they’re still selling like hot cakes on Amazon. I’ll take the cost friendly rip off, with the product already sitting in the USA.

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