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Plankton Electronics The Jellyfish

Plankton Electronics The Jellyfish  ·  Source:

The intro to the Plankton Electronics promo video for The Jellyfish Eurorack delay module begins by describing a Jellyfish as “truly alien… They have no head, no heart and no brain”. Things get rapidly weirder from there as the knobs of The Jellyfish are messed with. We are taken from delay, to noise, to modulated rasping, to the edge of chaos and back again. It’s a great way to demo a product – get stuck in and make things happen.

The Jellyfish

It’s a voltage controller modular delay based upon the PT2399 integrated circuit and formed into a Eurorack module. There is a delay time from 32ms up to 1.23 seconds. The triangle or square wave LFO can be used to modulate the delay time which therefore results in some really interesting rhythmic possibilities. The unit can sync to a pulse wave, has a lo-fi distortion and infinite feedback for never-ending sounds. There’s a send and return section for looping in other effects and CV inputs for time, wet mix and feedback. Finally, rounding it all off is a low pass filter that will probably come in handy.

The Jellyfish is a wide 18hp module which is probably due to the nicely accessible knobs. There’s a handful of appropriate LEDs marking LFO type and speed, sync, lo-fi and input.

Plankton Electronics believe in letting their module speak for themselves and the three videos below do just that. The other module in the videos is the Arrhythmia, a programmable clock generator. It can generate swing, organic or just plain weird timings to pump into a sequencer or to control envelopes, gates and such like.

The Jellyfish – Black Edition (will there be other editions?) is available now for €278.30 inc VAT.

More information is available on the Plankton Electronics website.

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