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Jackson Pro Series Limited Edition San Dimas SD22 JB

Jackson Pro Series Limited Edition San Dimas SD22 JB  ·  Source: Jackson

If you’re like me and grew up in the ’80s, then you may remember a red guitar played by a certain Jack Butler in the film Crossroads. The cuttin’ heads scene with Steve Vai as the devil’s guitar player was the climax of the guitar orientated fit! Well, guess what? Now you can own the same guitar, and you don’t even have to sell your soul to the Devil!

Cuttin Heads!

This new Jackson Pro Series Limited Edition San Dimas SD22 JB is based on the iconic axe from the ’80s film Crossroads. The film follows its main characters as they search for a missing Robert Johnson song. The climax of the movie is when Jack ‘Steve Vai’ Butler uses his Jackson to ‘duel’ with the young Ralph ‘Karate Kid’ Macchio. The scene ends with Macchio wiping the floor with poor old Jack by getting all classical on his ass!

Jackson Pro Series Limited Edition San Dimas SD22 JB

Jack Butler’s weapon of choice

Jackson Pro Series Limited Edition San Dimas SD22 JB

This is one sweet guitar and comes in an appropriate red sparkle finish. When we first saw Vai playing for the devil back in 1986, everyone was lusting for one. And now, 34 years later, it’s finally here!

The guitar has an alder body, a bolt-on maple neck with a scarf joint and graphite reinforcement, and a lovely smooth hand-rubbed satin urethane finish on the back. So you can riff easily for the devil at maximum speed. It comes loaded with a pair of direct mount humbuckers with a DiMarzio Super Distortion DP100 in the bridge and a DiMarzio PAF Pro DP151 in the neck. A top-mount Floyd Rose 1000 Series double-locking tremolo makes sure that you can dive-bomb for your life, if the occasion calls for it.


If you haven’t seen this classic ’80s film, you may not understand why this guitar is so freakin’ cool. But all the old gits like myself know the score. We grew up on VHS tape and wore them out trying to figure out those riffs and solos.

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RRP – USD 1299.99

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