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iZotope Nectar 3

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Feel the need to upgrade your vocal production tools? iZotope thinks it has the perfect proposition for you. The company has launched its long-awaited Nectar 3 vocal processing plug-in. In brief, version 3 features the Vocal Assistant with Unmask functionality, Celemony Melodyne Essential, two new dynamic EQs, redesigned modules, RX Breath Control, and other goodies. It’s a massive update, indeed.

According to the press release, the Vocal Assistant is capable of one-click custom preset creation by virtue of machine learning technology that takes the entire mix into account, and not just the vocal track. The Unmask feature can put your vocal at the mix forefront (where it belongs), dealing away with competing mix elements.

The Dynamic EQ receives a new Follow EQ Mode to track and remove resonances in real time. Auto Level Mode automates vocal automation in a way, adjusting the vocal level so no compression or vocal automation is needed. As modern iZotope plug-ins do, Nectar 3 works together with other iZotope plug-ins in your session to address mix issues such as tonal balance and masking.

Nectar 3 also includes the Component RX 7 Breath Control plug-in for reducing unwanted breaths, as well as Melodyne 4 Essential for time and pitch correction. It goes without saying that Nectar 3’s twelve modules have each received redesigns and updates, too.

Price and availability

Nectar 3 is now available for the intro price of USD 199 (regular $249 USD).

iZotope also released Music Production Suite 2, which includes Nectar 3, RX 7 Standard, VocalSynth 2, Insight 2, Ozone 8 Advanced, Neutron 2 Advanced (with Visual Mixer), Tonal Balance Control, and iZotope Relay. The bundle is on sale for USD 599 (regular USD 999.99).

If Music Production Suite 2 is overkill for you, there’s always the new Vocal Chain Bundle, which including Nectar 3, VocalSynth 2 and RX Elements. This one is on sale for USD 399 (regular $499 USD).

The offers expire January 2nd, 2019. Existing iZotope users can upgrade or crossgrade at a discount.

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  1. Klemen says:

    I like iZotope a lot but have grown kind of tired of upgrading. Theres’ always a new bundle name, you never get anything for free in the lifetime of a bundle (or its name) – there’s never a compelling upgrade price from a bundle x1 to x2, mainly because the name changes to something even else and there’s rarely an upgrade, just crossgrades. I mean, their stuff is top notch but…I don’t know.

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