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Although the first thing that springs to mind when your hear Izotope mentioned might be its excellent mastering software, the company also makes tools for audio post production. That more or less means radio, TV and film, though some of the techniques involved cross over to the music world as well. The RX software is all about audio repair, and specifically about going much further than even the best DAW can manage in its native sample editor. So although you can use it to clean up movie dialogue, it’s just as useful for removing plosives from that otherwise-perfect vocal performance or annoying buzzing from a guitar riff.


RX5 has all the cool stuff that its predecessor had, most notably a spectral view of any audio you put through it and tools for ‘painting out’ parts of a sound using techniques far more effective than you could manage with simple EQ and slicing. This is the whole point : to let you dig ‘inside’ a single sound file and add, remove or otherwise change sounds that exist at the same point as stuff you want to keep. Imagine removing a passing siren while leaving the vocal take intact – that sort of thing.

The only problem with these tools is that they can take time to use effectively, especially when a problem persists over the duration of a clip. Too much reverb on a sound means finding and removing the reverb over the whole clip. RX 5 adds a couple of new tools which look like they may do away with this tedious aspect of audio repair. There’s a de-plosive tool, which analyses a whole clip for those irritating breath sounds that blast into the mic and ruin a take, and then removes them in one go. Even more remarkably there’s an automatic leveler that scans a clip and creates a gain envelope to smooth out any differences in level as well as de-breathing and de-essing as it goes. Both of these, claims Izotope, are industry firsts and if they actually work, seem likely to really speed up audio repair immeasurably.


The regular version will cost €325 but upgrade pricing and bundle deals will also be available.



Discover more about what RX5 will do here:



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