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L-Acoustics Syva PA

L-Acoustics Syva PA  ·  Source:

L-Acoustics Syva PA

L-Acoustics Syva PA  ·  Source:

Compact column-style PA systems have become increasingly popular, with several manufacturers recently presenting their take. L-Acoustics are now joining the party with their J-shaped version, but unusually the Syva will be passive. With a promised throw of 35m, this should pack a punch.

L-Acoustics Syva Segment Source PA

The Syva comprises of two parts, the striking J-shaped ‘top box’ and a subwoofer to match. The top box contains six medium-frequency and three high-frequency drivers in an arrangement, which L-Acoustics are calling ‘segment source’. They believe this “progressive curvature format” is groundbreaking, delivering a performance capable of reaching 35m.

This all sounds great and L-Acoustics certainly know a thing or two about arranging drivers. The only issue which they haven’t explained yet, is how scalable these Syva ‘top boxes’ are. Can they be doubled up, either next door to each other or above each other perhaps? The J-shape is certainly interesting, while all other manufacturers seem to be sticking to a straight line approach. What this means in terms of necessary mounting height and multiple arrangements isn’t yet clear.

The subwoofer comprises of a dual 12″ driver, which promises to reproduce frequencies down to 27Hz with a max SPL of 142dB. Not bad for ‘small’ system! The top J-shaped Syva units can be mounted on the subs, be free standing on base plates, pole mounted or flown.

L-Acoustics are aiming this system for a multitude of scenarios; “corporate events, fashion and trade shows, amphitheatres and performing arts centres”. The system will make it’s debut this week at ISE 2017, which highlights the corporate uses. However, there’s clearly going to be much demand for this system, especially with the well-respected L’Acoustics badge, by music venues and performing arts spaces.

If they can package the system neatly with the external amps, then I’m sure portability will also be a huge selling point here. The choice of going with external amps should also give this system the edge for rental companies, who will buy into the scalability and flexibility options. Looking forward to these details becoming clearer.

More Information

There’s been no announcement on the pricing. It’s likely to be at the higher end of this sector, as are most L-Acoustics solutions. The key difference, which I think might impact pricing, is this looks like it will be a passive system. This will, of course, bring obvious benefits to some customers and not to others. There isn’t much more information available at this stage, other than on L-Acoustics’ site where you can read the official press release.

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