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Instruments of Things TBD

Instruments of Things TBD  ·  Source: Instruments of Things


If you ever wanted to run your own DSP synthesizer and effects algorithms in Eurorack then the TBD is for you! It gives you the hardware interface for your programming skills.



TBD or “To Be Determined” is a generic DSP module built as an open-source project by Instrument of Things (IoT-Maker) that can run a wide range of digital synthesizers and effects. You can load up community made algorithms or program your own for some unique functionality.

It has a web-based user interface where you can pull together existing plugins like VCAs as a starting point to forge your own. The factory firmware comes with plugins taken from other open-source projects such as Plaits, Rings, Sheeps, Freeverb and GVerb. This sort of high-level configuration is relatively straight forward and you can map parameters to hardware controls and configure exactly how you’d like it to function. Designing your own plug-ins is a deeper exercise in C++ programming and there’s plenty of information available on how you work that in.

To make it even easier there’s a software emulator so you can try out your ideas before sending it to the hardware.


The TBD module has a stereo audio in/out with input gain, two 12 bit CV inputs, two trigger inputs, two trigger buttons and two CV knobs.

It sounds like a brilliant way to start developing a taste for synthesizer and module design and there must be nothing quite like having those designs realised into an actual hardware module that screws into your Eurorack. The TBD costs €189 and is available now.

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Instruments of Things TBD

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