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WA Productions ImPerfect

WA Productions ImPerfect  ·  Source: WA Productions

WA Productions ImPerfect

WA Productions ImPerfect  ·  Source: WA Productions ImPerfect


ImPerfect from WA Productions is designed to take all the lovely unstableness and drift of analogue synthesizer and smash it into their new digital synth architecture.



That’s no bad thing and a lot of software synthesizer developers incorporate the gooeyness of analogue circuits into their VSTis. But WA Productions go further than most and design it into the synthesis architecture.

ImPerfect kicks off with 5 oscillator types. The first 2 can morph between 4 different waveforms, oscillator 3 can select from 260 preset waveforms or your own sample and then you can mix in a sun-oscillator and some noise. So it’s really 2 oscillators plus a sampled layer – you wouldn’t normally say the sub and noise are part of the oscillator count. But anyway, thanks for the confusion! Ring modulation and FM can be dialled in and you have control over pulse width, octave and detuning.

The imperfection comes in the shape of three humorously named sliders: Wacky, Cracky and Shaky. They bring in the amount of analogue style processing to push the sound off its digital rails. “Wacky” increases the mix of modulation and delay effects which doesn’t really have anything to do with analogue imperfection. “Cracky” pushes up the saturation levels to add some grit (that’s more like it!) and “Shaky” modulates the tuning to give you that detuned loveliness.

WA Productions ImPerfect

WA Productions ImPerfect

Otherwise, you get a pair of XY modulation pads, a really nice looking waveform display, an arpeggiator and a huge bundle of presets.

ImPerfect sounds great, is simple to use and fun the play with. The movement introduced by Cracky and Shaky are really quite cool. Not sure why they decided to misrepresent the oscillators or why the Wacky control is put forward as some kind of analogue quirk rather than as an effects send, but hey, try it out for yourself.

It’s on a special of £10.49 at the moment and runs on MacOS and Windows.

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WA Productions ImPerfect

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