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IK Multimedia prototype

IK Multimedia prototype  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

Last year IK Multimedia introduced us to the little firecracker that is the UNO analogue synthesizer. In the many interviews and conversations that followed you got the impression that UNO was just the beginning. And as it turns out we now have something new appearing at Superbooth next week.


To spice things up IK has released an image of an early prototype and asked people to guess what it is. There could be prizes involved! What’s interesting to me is the number of knobs on show considering that knobs are exactly what the UNO was a little bit light on. Although as if to preempt that sort of comment IK says it’s “More than just knobs”. Intriguing eh?

The only other hint we have is in the shape of the knob itself. This image of a new white knob sitting alongside a knob from the UNO suggests that the new device will probably follow similar styling.

IK Multimedia knobs

IK Multimedia knobs

I’m imagining that this is going to be some kind of polyphonic synthesizer. Many people have suggested that the DUO would be the natural progression but I’m not convinced that would be enough of a step up after such a well-pitched product as the UNO. So I’m going to guess that it’ll be a hybrid polysynth of about 4 voices called the POLO. Also, it could be a drum machine.

IK Multimedia is one of those companies that’s difficult to predict. They have such a wide range of products that lurch from the cheap and cheerful iOS gear to the high-end professional tools and analogue modelling. So there’s every chance that this could be awesome.

There may be more clues on the run-up to Superbooth next Thursday but I’m looking forward to the big reveal.

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