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Icon iKeyboard 8 with extended octave

Icon iKeyboard 8 with extended octave  ·  Source:


Icon already produce keyboards of up to 61 notes in their iKeyboard range. But sometimes you just need that extra octave and a half to fully express yourself. With the iKeyboard 8 you’ve not just got 88 keys but you have a new and unique extended octave with 7 extra notes. Check out the extra wide 5th uber-octave in the top-down image above.


It looks like the Icon graphics department perhaps didn’t get all the images they needed and so I imagine they decided to photoshop the iKeyboard 6 with unintentionally hilarious results. I’m sure they’ll notice and fix it shortly.

iKeyboard 8

Anyway, the 88 note keyboard range follows the pattern set by the shorter models. Full-sized semi-weighted keyboard built into a rugged metal enclosure with touch controls for your DAW. On the left of the keyboard is a control area that consists of some touch strips, parameter knob, transport controls and buttons. You can control a whole channel strip from here. The touch strip acts as a fader, the parameter knob can be used on anything you lay your mouse on and the transport controls include mute and solo buttons. It uses Mackie Control and HUI protocols to automatically integrate with your DAW. It’s impressive stuff for a controller keyboard.


The other thing that impresses me is the depth of the keyboard. There’s hardly anything beyond the keys. This makes it ideal for placing in front of your computer screen. Even the cables come out the side of the keyboard rather than the back.

88 Keys

There are other models in the 88 note range which all benefit from the same 19 note octave. The iKeyboard Nano removes the control section and leaves pitch bend and modulation wheels. The iKeyboard 8X has expanded controls on the left. And the iKeyboard 8S is like the 8X but with an audio interface built in.

Icon iKeyboard 8 - Nano, 8X and 8S

Icon iKeyboard 8 – Nano, 8X and 8S

Teasing aside these look to be useful keyboard controllers for those who need the extra octaves. I’ve not seen any information on price or availability as yet. More information on the website.

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Icon iKeyboard 8 with extended octave

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