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Horizon Devices Apex Preamp

Horizon Devices Apex Preamp  ·  Source: Horizon Devices

Horizon Devices has just announced its new Apex Preamp pedal, which is to launch with an initial production run of 500. The mastermind behind this pedal is none other than Misha Mansoor, so softy pop types aren’t the target audience here: this thing is all about the Metal…

Horizon Devices Apex Preamp

Aimed at the high-gain, tight-riffed Djent and Metal market, this preamp pedal is one of those ‘Swiss Army knife’ products. It’s essentially a preamp pedal with a simple layout that nevertheless has a lot of control: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain controls are paired with a Noise Gate, a rather handy built-in Cab Sim (which you can also bypass completely) and a footswitchable Tight switch to help control your low-end frequencies.

The company states that the pedal uses its Triple Core technology to maintain a quiet signal path that has an inbuilt noise gate, as you will be using this pedal in high gain scenarios and will not want a ton of hiss when you are riffing. It’s the second Horizon Devices pedal behind the Precision Drive pedal, which also had that gate feature.

What’s nice is that the Cab Sim has the ability to move around the virtual microphone, which is handy for recording into your DAW or playing live into a DI box. The pedal has been optimised to work well with both digital and tube based amps, Horizon Devices says. According to the product marketing, the designers were aiming for an ‘organic and analogue amp feel’.

Triple Core technology

It is, of course, true-bypass and so should sit well in your rig without sucking your tone. If you are into this style of music and looking for a versatile preamp in a pedal, you should be checking this one out. I have included the official demo videos below for you to check out.

The Apex Preamp will be available for an introductory price of USD 299 for the initial 500 units released, so if you are quick you could save a little off the regular price as well. Though you will have to wait until December/January to receive them!

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