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HOFA-Plugins HOFA SYSTEM  ·  Source: YouTube Screenshot

I’m a fan of mixing and mastering plug-ins that use a modular method for applying audio processing. It’s a very efficient and creative way to work, but the limitations can be the number of processing variants on offer. HOFA have already gained respect for their mastering and audio file management tools. Their range of audio processing tools are possibly less well known, but perhaps that area of their expertise will shine through in the newly announced ‘HOFA SYSTEM’. With release slated for January 2017, can this plug-in change the way you mix?

HOFA Plugins multi-processing plug-in: ‘HOFA System’

Here’s something to look forward to in the new year, softening the blow after eating all that turkey and drinking too much on New Year’s Eve! HOFA have revealed they are about to release a new modular plug-in. To tempt us into buying the pre-order they’ve produced a selection of video clips demonstrating the ‘systems’ biggest selling points.

Clip 1

First up is the simple drag-and-drop method for adding and building your own processing chains. This might seem simple, but this isn’t readily available from any of the leading manufacturers and  this short video already demonstrates how creative this could be.

Clip 2

This just shows the ability to resize the plug-in’s workspace, which isn’t a breakthrough but I guess key to building some interesting signal processors of your own.

Clip 3

This clip demonstrates how easy it is to build your own multi-band compressor. I assume the number of bands possible is more than anyone would realistically need.

Clip 4

HOFA System also holds functionality for MS processing – for those that like using that kind of processing!

Clip 5

This is slightly more unusual, this video shows feedback-processing can even be designed. That’s something only plug-in developers normally get to play with.

Clip 6

The final teaser video shows that any processing chains you develop can of course be saved as presets. Perhaps this is just an expectation from modern plug-ins, but key to the efficiency of using a plug- in that might require some initial thought.

This all looks fantastic to me and I’m really keen to try this plug-in. I love this method of working and it’s great to see such a truly flexible system becoming available. As I said earlier though, it’s pitfalls might reveal themselves to be a lack of variety. For example compressors alone come in the most tremendous range of flavours and that’s why we’re crazy for them. Hopefully HOFA have enough tricks up their sleeve now to offer a comprehensive tool set.

More Information

For more information and some sound bites of the ‘AlgoVerb’ unit included in the HOFA System, visit the product webpage here. The Plug-in can be pre-ordered at a discounted price of 49.90 EUR, which seems like very good value for money.

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