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With Electro-Voice’s heritage, particularly in microphone manufacturing, announcing a range of 8 new microphones is big news! Normally a manufacturer releases one or two mics at a time, partly because that will follow their product development schedule, but also for marketing reasons. This over-sized announcement from EV seems to have fallen to the wind. Unless, that is, we’re about to hear some updates at Musikmesse 2016.

This new ND Series are successors to their popular N/Dym microphones. By building on that technology, EV are aiming with this new range to provide a microphone for every scenario. Additional new features include Memraflex grilles, humbucking coils and internal shock-mounting. There are meant to be 4 vocal mics and 4 instrument mics lending themselves to different styles of music, type of venue or space you’re recording in.

As an engineer I love products like this, the idea being you need very little in the way of processing because you captured the source correctly and efficiently. It might be a pain to stock several microphones, but ideally a band or a musician will quickly identify the models that suit them the most, hopefully with notable benefits.

A common feature throughout the range is a large diaphragm capsule design, supposedly building on the sonic capabilities of the N/Dym products. The differences among the vocal mics include cardioid or super-cardioid polar patterns, on/off switches, increased off-axis rejection, sensitivity and frequency response. The 4 instrument mics are designed around different applications such as a low-frequency response for kick drums, or a pencil-style mic for instrument and drum overhead micing. I particularly like the look of the ND46 and ND66 with their swivelling capsules for accurate mic positioning.

Pricing and shipping information isn’t available other than we should be expecting something very soon. Watch this space.

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Here’s a YouTube video by ElectroVoice about their new line of mics: