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Looking for those sweet free plug-ins? We got ’em here! This week saw the release of two fantastic tools – the FreeMod modulation VST/AU plug-in by Audiority and the free version of DRONAR, an atmospheric sound generator for Kontakt (or the free Kontakt player). Learn more about them and get the download links below.

FreeMod by Audiority

Audiority FreeMod user interface

Modulation is the name of the game with Audiority’s FreeMod plug-in.

Stereo phase modulator? Sounds like something straight out of science class! In reality, it’s just a tool to make your sound swirl with tremolo and phasing effects. You can even push it into frequency modulation territory if you know what you are doing. FreeMod is a knobby plug-in, but it’s not intimidating and it’s actually designed as well as any paid plug-in you may encounter.

The controls may seem cryptic, but you are free to ditch the learning curve and simply twist them around to see what will happen to your audio. The modulating oscillator has 10 waveforms, and then you have a tempo-sync’d LFO with 11 waveforms, as well as an envelope follower. That’s plenty enough to go all-out crazy with, if that’s what you want.

Check out FreeMod in action in the video below. If you want to download it, head to Audiority’s website. The plug-in is available in VST2, AU, and AAX formats for 32-bit & 64-bit Windows and macOS computers.

DRONAR Free Edition by Gothic Instruments

Dronar Free Edition gallery

DRONAR Free Edition will take you to the stars.

Our resident synth and virtual instrument expert Robin Vincent profiled the new DRONAR instrument here. If you didn’t catch his anaylsis, here’s a short recap: DRONAR is a Kontakt instrument that runs in either the paid full version of Kontakt, or the free Kontakt player (with a 15 minute time limit). It features five presets from the paid instrument, covering each of the four available modules – Hybrid, Guitarscapes, Live Strings, and Dark Synthesis.

Sound interesting? It sure is. The instrument automatically adds low, mid-range, and high frequency sound effects to the notes you play. The result is… complex. You can generate atmospheres, soundscapes, pads, and textures all day long. The free version excludes two of the six pages of controls available in the full version, but it’s not otherwise limited. You can take it pretty far, considering the non-existent price.

Check out Dronar in action in the video below, take a look at Robin’s commentary for a more detailed look or head to Time+Space’s website to download the free version. Be prepared to deal with a registration process and a proprietary installer, though. If you don’t want that, The simple .nki download (3.5GB) is hidden where you check your orders on the website.

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