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Gotharman Tiny LD

Gotharman Tiny LD  ·  Source: Gotharman


Gotharman has taken the Little DeFormer 3 and squeezed it down into the bare essentials to bring us the Tiny LD with the same firmware for the space conscious.


Tiny LD

As with all Gotharman products you get a lot of functionality packed into these machines. The Tiny LD is a granular music workstation with 16 parts that can use synthesizers, samplers, sequencers and effects. There is also an optional analogue filter and CV interface.

Each part can be a morphable waveform oscillator, a sampler, or a noise generator. It then routes through two multi-mode resonant filters before reaching the VCA. You can address each part with its own MIDI channel and have them split or layered across a keyboard.

There’s an 8 bus effects system with 10 effects per bus and each part can be sent to 2 of them. The optional analogue filter board can also be applied to the busses.

The sequencer can handle 16 note tracks of 64 steps and 32 controller tracks. You can set up multiple parameters per note for polyphonic step sequencing. There are scaling options for instant harmonic control. You also have 16 track audio recording which can be chopped and sliced automatically.


As I say a lot of functionality in a little box controlled mostly via the touch screen for everything from preset selection to granular effects to sample editing. I’ve not yet come across a video that properly explains what these boxes are all about but they appear to be full of depth and possibility.

The Tiny LD is available for preorder for €809 and the filter board is €150. Should start shipping in June.

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Gotharman Tiny LD

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