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Behringer Xenyx 1003B

Going mobile with the Behringer Xenyx 1003B.  ·  Source: Behringer


The Behringer Xenyx 1003B is a new compact analogue desktop mixer that offers versatility for a wide range of recording or live sound applications.


So whether you need a solution for podcasting, content creation, studio, or live music, the 1003B provides the necessary tools to take on whichever task you need it for.

Behringer Xenyx 1003B

From the left, the Xenyx 1003B offers 2 mono mic/line channels with insert points, 3-band EQ, and both monitor and effects sends. Channels 3-8 are mono/stereo combo channels, providing mono mic or stereo line operation, which is handy.

In addition, channels 9 and 10 provide a stereo line input that you might use as an effects return track. There are RCA outs for both record and stream and LED metering on the master fader.

Xenyx 1003B. · Source: Behringer

What’s more, the 1003B can operate using 9V batteries, making it even more versatile as a sound reinforcement or recording tool. Even without this feature though, it’s still impressive for such a compact mixer.

The layout is logical and intuitive, and the inclusion of insert points and multiple sends is fantastic for a mixer at this end of the market and for its size.


It can be used in your rehearsal space or on stage, for any style of music, as well as in studio, for recording, podcasting, or content creation, and the ability to connect external effects or create a monitor mix is certainly welcome.

Pricing and availability:

The XENYX 1003B will be available from your favourite retailer soon, at a price of $129 MSRP.

More about the Behringer XENYX 1003B:


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Behringer Xenyx 1003B

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2 responses to “Going mobile with the Behringer Xenyx 1003B”

    Sman says:

    I just don’t understand this obsession with small mixers to force summing to mono on FX/Aux outputs.
    Stereo fx processors are not elusive, magical creatures. They do exist and it’s quite nice to have the option to preserve your stereo imaging when using said effects.

    Bob says:

    I wouldn’t say this mixer is new. Have a look at the UB1002, and the 1002B. These are identical when looking at the ins/outs, layout, battery power, and size. The UB1002 was originally marketed under the Eurorack line, so I’m not sure if it was designed to handle hotter inputs or if it was just marketing, then when the 1002B was released they boasted about Xenyx preamps and a “British EQ”. The only difference I see between the 1002B and 1003B is a styling update and “British EQ” was dropped from their description.
    It would be nice to know what the actual differences are. Are they all just UB1002s with fresh paint, or are there actual technical differences/improvements between them? I truly would like to know.

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