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Kiloton bass is a brand new model from US-based company G&L. It has a lovely, simple layout, is powered by one humbucking passive pickup in the bridge position and is named after a Kiloton TNT explosion!

G&L Kiloton

The look is very clean and pared down. The layout is simple, with a knob each for volume and tone controlling the single G&L ‘MFD’ humbucking pickup in the bridge position. There’s a 3-way series/split/parallel mini toggle switch for that one pickup, so plenty of tonal variations on offer from one humbucker.

Expect a bright punchy tone from this bass, with plenty of output from its passive design. I was particularly impressed by that huge bridge, which looks very substantial and could probably survive a TNT explosion itself!


The Kiloton has either an Alder or Swamp Ash body depending on the finish, with the Swamp Ash being used on the versions with a clear finish. The necks are Hard Rock Maple with either a Maple or Rosewood fretboard with 21 medium jumbo Jescar frets. That odd-shaped headstock has four custom G&L “Ultra-Lite” aluminium tapered string posts.

Body and neck are joined very securely with six bolts and I cannot imagine you would get any movement with such solid construction. That’s a pretty much bombproof design.


G&L make high-quality instruments designed and built in the US. The Kiloton is definitely one to check out in my opinion. The fact that the company was formed by a certain Mr Leo Fender and George Fullerton of Fender fame is a good indication of what to expect here. I love the look, though I’m sure some may be put off by it not being a Fender (or a Musicman…). Well, don’t be, as I’d imagine this bass will be every bit as good as both of Leo’s old companies outputs.

RRP EUR €1500-3000 depending on finish

For more details and specs chek the G&L site here


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