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Gibson Noel Gallagher ES-355  ·  Source: Instagram/Gibson


Noel Gallagher and Gibson have both teased a new signature model ES-355 model via Instagram. Based on an original 1960 model, said by Gallagher to be the best guitar he has ever played. 


Noel Gallagher ES-355

The Noel Gallagher ES-355 model has just been teased by Gibson and Noel himself. As both parties uploaded a teaser video to Instagram, this afternoon with the phrase August 2022, plus #NoelGallagher#Gibson#ES355#No1#GibsonCustom #ComingSoon.

Gibson Noel Gallagher ES-355

Gibson Noel Gallagher ES-355


This Cherry Red model with gold hardware includes a Bigsby vibrato and features a six-position Varitone switch near the standard tone and volume controls. Based on an original 1960 model owned by the guitarist and said by Gallagher to be “the greatest guitar I’ve ever played.”

There is little to go on yet, but Noel has already had a signature J-150 acoustic model out with Gibson. Therefore, this new ES-355 makes sense as well. Keep your eyes peeled nearer to August for more details about this one. I’m pretty sure Gibson will make a loud fanfare nearer the time.

Overall, it looks like a decent release. As you often see Noel wielding an ES-355 throughout his career, and so it makes perfect sense to release one as a signature model for him. Pricing could be interesting, as currently a Murphy Lab aged 1959 ES-355 without a Bigsby or the Varitone, is a pretty expensive guitar. Now factor in a signature endorsement, and things could get pretty expensive.

Gibson 1959 ES-355 Reissue WR LA

Gibson 1959 ES-355 Reissue WR LA

Price7,498.00 €

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Let us know what you think of this new signature model in the comments below.



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9 responses to “Gibson teases new Noel Gallagher ES-355 via Instagram”

  1. Guffaw says:

    Oh, I see… when a British player gets a sig. instrument it’s a sensible triumph, but when Water Gun Kelly gets one it’s a travesty. Some things never change… ; )

  2. Rocky Dennis says:

    If Gibson wants to put out a signature model ES-355 for a Britpop guitarist, it should be Bernard Butler.

    • Feurope says:

      Butler, great guitarist, but doesnt have the name the masses know unfortunately.

    • eat yr Ghost says:

      Bernard Butler is why I always wanted an ES-355. The inevitable price tag is why I will never have one.

      • Rocky Dennis says:

        I ended up buying a Epiphone Elitist ES-335 (made in Japan, Gibson pickups) because of him. I’ll eventually have a Bigsby put on it. Just in case you’ve not seen this video of Bernard Butler on his inspirations for playing a cherry red ES-355 (BB is playing the guitar on the video) –

        • Feurope says:

          Those Epi Elitist 335s are really great, I had one in VS, back then they were miles better than what came out of Memphis.

  3. sonsambi says:

    The premier guitar for people who aspire to fail upward

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