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Adam Jones Flying V

Adam Jones Flying V  ·  Source: Gibson


The Gibson Adam Jones Flying V Collector’s Edition costs nearly $20k and has the unusual Futura headstock and a Reverse Silverburst finish. Is this latest signature run for the Tool guitarist pushing it a bit too far?


Adam Jones Flying V Collector’s Edition

This Gibson Adam Jones Flying V Collector’s Edition is a limited run and is based on his own custom-made guitar.  It has a Murphy Lab-aged Custom Shop Reverse Silverburst finish and a Futura headstock shape.

The prototype was shared in September 2022 and it is now finally here.

Adam Jones Flying V

Source: Gibson

Heavy V

Apart from that it looks like a standard Flying V. Though this guitar has a non-weight relieved mahogany body, as Adam Jones prefers a heavier guitar. The bridge uses string-through ferrules to anchor the strings and a Tune-O-Matic bridge.

It has a medium C profile neck and an ebony fretboard with 22 frets and a bone nut, plus a set of Schaller tuners.

I would guess that it will sustain pretty well with this setup, and I am guessing that is exactly what Adam Jones is aiming for with this guitar.

Adam Jones Flying V Futura Headstock

Source: Gibson

Seymour Duncan

It has a reverse-soldered custom bucker in the neck position and a Seymour Duncan DDJ (custom wound) on the bridge. There is a volume and a tone control for both pickups. Plus the standard three-way switch.


Electronics include a DiMarzio 500 k Volume Pot (Bridge), and three regular  CTS Pots, plus .047uF Orange Drop capacitors. Nothing particularly special, but Adam Jones likes this setup and Gibson will make it a feature, so it is all about ‘marketing’ with this.


Definitely, this signature limited-run guitar is very overpriced and aimed squarely at people who want something exclusive. There is nothing wrong with that at all and the marketplace will support it no doubt, however, I would find it hard to spend $20k on such a meh-looking instrument myself. Your mileage may vary and I bet a lot of Tool fans would like to own one of these.

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Adam Jones Flying V

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One response to “Gibson Adam Jones Flying V Collector’s Edition – How much?”

    JP says:

    I often disagree with your Gibson reviews, Jef, but you’re bang on with this one. A quite nasty looking V which hedge fund managers with poor taste in guitar aesthetics (I’m a big Flying V fan, btw) will buy, put in a bank vault and never play.

    As I often say, strive not to be the next (insert guitarist’s name) by worshipping at the over-priced altar of the signature instrument. Buy a stock instrument and be the first you.

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