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DSP Synth RMX  ·  Source: DSP Synth


DSP Synth RMX  ·  Source: DSP Synth

DSP Synthesizers make all sorts of useful gizmos for Eurorack and synthesizers. They’ve also produced a range of little PCM based drum Eurorack modules based on classic drum machines. RMX takes on the Oberheim OMX drum machine.


This is a 12HP Eurorack module containing 18 vintage drum sounds from the Oberheim OMX. It has six channels giving kick, snare, hi-hat, tom, ride and claps. All 6 sounds can run at once using the modules 6 voice polyphony and they all have their own trigger inputs and audio outputs. There’s a mixed mono output too. Each one can be tuned from 15 – 30kHz. Unusually for a DSP Synthesizer module each channel has its own level fader.

RMX also has a MIDI and a USB connection. The MIDI input is for using any MIDI controller for triggering. The USB gives you a direct connection to your DAW. The triggers and tuning knobs can all be sent over the USB connection.

The design of the RMX is based around the RMX-6 drum chip that’s been around since 2016. And the whole project is open source. Squeezing this amount of features, patch points and control into 12HP is quite a task and they wouldn’t recommend trying it as a DIY project.

DSP Synthesizer modules do have a bit of a hand-made feel to them. The front panel looks great though, capturing a bit of the Oberheim vibe. The fader caps look a little chunky but then 12HP is a very rack friendly size. Getting 6 drum channels in a single device is great for smaller racks, particularly as you’ve got mixing amd a mono output built-in. A very efficient solution. It would be great if we could hear it in action but there are no audio or video examples at this time.

RMX is available from the 15th June on the DSP Synthesizers website for €290.

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