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Galaxy TQ8 Affordable PA gallery

The Galaxy TQ8 lets your band take off for at a comfortable price.  ·  Source: Galaxy Audio

Looking for an affordable PA system for small to mid-sized venues to get your live performances going? Here’s a promising and affordable solution by Galaxy Audio, a maker of all things sound-emitting. Designed as an “all-in-one” PA system, the Traveler Quest 8 (TQ8) can be hooked up to two wireless receivers with handheld mics or body pack transmitters.

Running on AC or battery power, the TQ8 has a built-in 150 watt amplifier with an 8-inch woofer and 1-inch horn. There are two XLR / 1/4-inch combo inputs with separate volume controls, a single RCA input, and one AUX 1/8-inch input with shared volume controls. A 3-band master EQ with volume control provides the sanitary minimum of available corrections. There’s an integrated media player with Bluetooth connectivity that also plays audio from an SD card or USB drive.

The TQ8 has voice priority mode, which automatically lowers the media player and line input volumes when a transmission from a wireless or wired handheld microphone is received. This can be turned on and off.

The entire system is able to operate on battery power for up to 24 hours, depending on usage and conditions. It takes up to 8 hours to completely recharge the batteries, and the system is operational while the batteries are charging. The battery pack also acts as an UPS system. If the AC power fails, the unit continues to operate until the batteries are drained.

Galaxy Audio recommends the TQ8 for the following locations:

  • Schools – classrooms, cafeteria, sports training, outdoor events
  • Corporate – meetings, training, off-site, outdoor events
  • Houses of Worship – overflow, youth events, outdoor weddings, memorial services
  • Personal – backyard parties, picnics, tailgating
  • Other – auctioneers, aerobics, street theater, AV rentals

Price and availability

Available at Galaxy Audio dealers, the TQ8 costs between $250 to $350, depending on the configuration. That’s more than reasonable for a self-sustained PA system that’s practically ready to go.

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