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Virtual Nothingizer musical inspiration plug-in

Virtual Nothingizer musical inspiration plug-in  ·  Source:

Our German-language sister site has just picked up on a new creative workflow plug-in for musicians, beatmakers and producers battling with creative block – the Virtual Nothingizer. According to Marcus, studio tech contributor at, this new production tool uses AI to help creatives navigate through those down phases where inspiration refuses to strike. Staring dejectedly at an empty project in your DAW? Tapping/strumming/clicking around listlessly in an effort to kick start your new song? Virtual Nothingizer is here to help.


There’s a bit of a mystery attached to this plug-in, as we’re not yet sure which plug-in developer is responsible. Could it be a major, like Waves or Acustica? Or maybe one of the indies? Whoever has put their development resources into this plug-in, it may be just what you need to get past songwriter’s block.

Helpful LEDs

The interface has a clean, uncluttered look, housing only three different controls: Defeat, Time Waste and Pointless Gain. Below the knobs for these three parameters are two LEDs, helpfully labelled Red and Blue. Apparently, you insert the plug-in in the master output bus of your DAW. The plug-in AI learns how you approach song-writing and production and after gathering data from a few of your projects can plug any gaps in your music with ideas.

Cat videos

Sounds like a great idea for those uninspired moments – especially when deadlines are approaching. Just pull up the Virtual Nothingizer and let it provide you with – whatever it does. Sounds like an inspiring new tool! I need this. Maybe the 2.0 version will have a special “Procrastination Elimination” option to force you to focus on your song instead of looking at cat videos on the internet.

Are Great

Virtual Nothingizer is currently unavailable as a beta version supporting Mac OS and Windows, 32- and 64-bit VST2, VST3, AAX and AU.


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