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Raz Audio, who only produce free plugins, have released their latest offering: F1 FilterBox. Unfortunately for some, Raz Audio only produce plugins for Windows systems in 32bit VST2 format, but that might change. Who can complain anyway when it’s free?


I haven’t tried this plugin myself due to being a Mac user, but it’s fairly obvious the ‘F1’ acronym, is as you might expect, linked to speed. In this case, a simple design and user interface should result in creative results very quickly. All too often plugin manufacturers can over-complicate modulation and envelope control, but this new F1 FilterBox keeps it quick and simple.


There are just 6 different filter shapes to choose from which should cover most basic filter requirements. There’s a HPF, LPF and a band-pass filter, each with a curve of 12 dB/octave or 24 dB/octave. The modulator can run as a time-based LFO, a tempo-based LFO or by following an envelope. There’s the obvious speed setting, but notably the master modulation depth control can go into negative values as well as positive.

Like with many free downloads, this is a fairly simple plugin. However, in this case it’s the simplicity that makes it so attractive. It aims to let you apply filtering effects in a hurry without being over-complicated. It will also support full DAW automation and MIDI control. I look forward to a Mac version as this looks like a useful tool that could get used surprisingly often.

More Information & Free Download here:—filterbox.html

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