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Forever 89: Teenage Engineering and Ableton combined?

Forever 89: Teenage Engineering and Ableton combined?  ·  Source: Forever 89


Meet Forever 89, a new music technology venture from ex-Teenage Engineering and Ableton innovators, Svante Stadler and Rikard Jönsson.


Although still very much in its infancy, Forever 89 is a new retro-inspired venture we can surely be excited about in future. Its founders, for starters, are seasoned industry pros. In his career, Svante Stadler has worked with companies like Mellotron, Reason Studios, Teenage Engineering, Auxy, Pacemaker, and XLN Audio.

Moreover, Svante has been involved with projects such as the Auxy iOS app, the XO plug-in, and the infamous Teenage OP-1. Meanwhile, his partner in crime on this new venture, Rikard Jönsson, was involved in the early days of Spotify before he began working as the product marketing manager for Ableton, and subsequently Cycling ‘74.

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Forever 89

As Svante and Rikard grew up in the era of technological innovation in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it’s no secret as to where the company name drew its inspiration.


Forever 89 has opened with a teaser clip of a new product which looks like it’s aimed at the manipulation and sequencing of audio. Whether it’s a hardware instrument or a plugin is unclear, but it does seem to lean more toward the software side.

In the video’s description, it simply states, “Coming soon. A new way to mold, fold, bend, blend, push, pull, make, break, shape, and explore.” , so we’ll make of that what we will and pray for a new loop-mangling sampler or groovebox.

Forever ’89 is a creative studio co-founded by Svante Stadler and Rikard Jönsson. Our mission is to delve into the possibilities of music technology, making it both a source of playful exploration and a dependable tool for creating meaningful musical outcomes.

The studio’s name pays tribute to the era of groundbreaking innovation that marked the late 1980s and early 1990s. It reflects the rapid transformation of the world during that time, characterized by milestones such as the emergence of the internet, groundbreaking successes in gene therapy, the widespread availability of GPS systems, the historic fall of the Berlin Wall, and numerous other significant events, all of which unfolded in the pivotal years around the shift from the ’80s to the ’90s.

Forever 89

All in all, the product teaser doesn’t give us much to go on, but with combined credentials that Svante and Rikard have, we’re eager to see what’s around the corner.

More about Forever 89:

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Forever 89: Teenage Engineering and Ableton combined?

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4 responses to “Forever 89: Teenage Engineering and Ableton combined?”

    Berd says:

    More overpriced hipster bullsh**

    Neil says:

    Looks very iPad app-ish to me.

    Johnny Bravo says:

    Misleading headline. Neither of these companies are collaborating in any way. These are just former employees of the named companies.

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