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Flame VOCORDER  ·  Source: Flame Instruments


Flame Instruments is combining an analog vocoder with a digital CV looping recorder to give us the VOCORDER Eurorack module.



The name’s quite clever. Inside is an 8-channel analog vocoder with 16 analog bandpass filters for analysis and synthesis. You can use it as a regular vocoder which extracts the frequency bands from the Analyse input and then applies that filter bank to the Synthese input. The Analyse input can be recorded and looped for up to a minute and has all sorts of playback options for directions and triggering and also freezing the input.

For internal synthesis there’s a monophonic digital oscillator with three waveforms and analog noise. It can be controlled via a 1v/oct input.

There’s a filter cutoff control for handling the synthesis bands with a combined lowpass-bandpass-highpass algorithm. You can simply use the filters as filters if you wish.


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It’s a very neat and striking module and I’m looking forward to hearing it in action. The distributers Alex4 has a virtual booth at NAMM 2021 and it should be one of the products they’ll be demonstrating. And no we haven’t figured out how the virtual NAMM event works yet either.

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