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KOMA Field Kit FX

KOMA Field Kit FX  ·  Source: KOMA

KOMA Field Kit FX

KOMA Field Kit FX  ·  Source: KOMA

KOMA Elektronik successfully funded a box called Field Kit last year that enabled you to take sound from everyday objects and feed it into your musical soundscapes. They are giving it another go on Kickstarter with a similar looking box called Field Kit FX, but this one’s got all sorts of effects in it. They are calling it a “box of wonders for the experimental minded musician”.

Field Kit FX

It came about as an extension for the original Field Kit but there’s no reason why you can’t use the Field Kit FX with anything you like. Packed into the box is a looper, frequency shifter, bit-crusher, delay, spring reverb, 4 channel mixer, 4 step sequencer and an envelope generator. All of it is laid bare and realised on the front panel with CV control and modular integration. There’s nothing hidden away, it’s all about the physicality of the connections. So much so that the spring reverb isn’t actually in the box. Instead, you attach a completely separate spring reverb tank and wire it into the Field Kit FX.

Along with the reverb tank, as part of the “FX Pack”, you also get some helpful cables and contact microphones and a book called “Another 50 ways to use the Field Kit FX”. This is all about experimentation, about exploring how we can interact with sound and do interesting things with it.

The Field Kit FX comes in a wooden box ready to go but it can also be taken apart and mounted in a Eurorack. It takes up 36HP but you get a lot of functionality in that space. There are four CV inputs which can be routing to any of the important parameters.

The Kickstarter has already smashed their goal of €20,000 on the first day. So your only worry is which bundle to get. The Field Kit FX by itself will cost you €219. The more popular choice with the FX Pack will set you back €268. Or you can buy it with the original Field Kit for €449. But don’t hang about as these are all early bird deals and are of limited numbers.

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  • Field Kit FX Kickstarter page


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