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Evo In

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French developer Flux has introduced EVO IN, an interesting new tool for phase correction and saturation.


It uses a linear phase rotation algorithm that is the product of proprietary research and allegedly allows you to accomplish the same effect as the physical movement of a microphone, supposedly without introducing latency. The aim here is to let you precisely adjust the phase of tracks that were recorded at the same time, in the same room, until they are phase-aligned. This way, a mix can be cured of smearing caused by phasing problems.

EVO IN’s drive algorithm introduces soft saturation with the goal of adding roundness and warmth to the signal. It generates additional harmonics over the signal without causing audible distortion and supposedly works on all types of sounds and instruments.

The plug-in also supports up to 10 channels of Dolby Atmos, as well as third order Ambisonics for editing Ambisonic multi-dimensional audio. Although the user interface is styled in white, there’s a Dark Mode supported for situations that involve Live and Theater performances.

Overall, this is an interesting tool that seems capable of solving both phasing problems and situations where the audio may sound less than lively. The plug-in is beautiful to look at, with user interface design courtesy of Yves Jaget. It is very simple to operate, featuring a jog wheel for controlling phase degrees, a Drive slider, Grouping and Bypass controls.

Price and availability

EVO IN is available for Mac OS X and Windows in AU, VST, AAX Native, DSP, AudioSuite, and Waves WPAPI plugin formats. The price is EUR 59 or USD 60. Although most DAWs these days offer phase alignment correction, EVO IN seems like a good choice for overcoming any limitations which may be in place.

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