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Eventide UltraTap

Eventide UltraTap  ·  Source: EythscPi42 / Youtube

UPDATE: Eventide’s new powerhouse UltraTap Delay pedal is shipping now, priced €319 at our affiliate partner. 

The new Eventide UltraTap pedal kind of leaked out a little early last night, just after the official announcement of the MicroPitch Delay pedal. Turns out, this is much more than just a multi-tap delay.

Too Early?

Somehow, we get the feeling that the release of the Ultra Tap didn’t quite go as planned. It first turned up on PR emails we got yesterday evening, although it’s not yet listed on the Eventide website. Anyway, here are the full details on this interesting new pedal from Eventide.

Eventide UltraTap Delay

The latest Eventide stompbox is a multi-tap delay effects pedal that can do much more than just reel off simple echoes/repeats that fade out over time. It’s the third pedal in the company’s “Dot9” series and provides rhythmic delays and reverbs as well as glitchy effects and swells. You could almost call it an ambient noise machine, because it also handles modulation. It follows the same format as the MicroPitch Delay and Blackhole Reverb, with a similar layout and look presented here in a silver livery.

Eventide UltraTap Delay

Eventide UltraTap Delay


The basic layout is as follows: 6 controls, an “Alt” push button switch and two foot switches. Then you have a TRS input (mono or stereo), two TS outputs (dual mono), an Expression output plus a MIDI input, USB port and switches for the input level (Line and Hi-Z) on the rear.

Eventide UltraTap Delay rear panel

Eventide UltraTap Delay rear panel

Endless Possibilities

Like the other pedals in the series, the possibilities here are pretty staggering. If you are looking for sounds in the direction of Echoplex and co, you should definitely get yourself one of these to play with. Interesting sounds can be quickly found with the double-assigned controls used to access the Slurm, Chop, Spread and Taps functions. Up to 64 taps are on, ahem, tap. And the built-in LFO with a variety of envelopes gives you even more scope for tweaking your delays.

You can add dotted notes and slur, or spread them out. If you listen to the examples below you can hear these parameters in action. It could be the perfect pedal for lovers of delay – or anyone that wants to emulate sounds like those used by The Edge from U2.


As with the other pedals in the series, you can access 127 user presets via MIDI, 5 presets on the pedal itself. One small niggle that has come up is that the USB port is not USB C, which I think is a shame for a pedal released in 2021.


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