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ENGL E670FE Special Edition Founders Edition

ENGL E670FE Special Edition Founders Edition  ·  Source: ENGL


The E670FE is a new updated version of Engl’s legendary E670 Special Edition 100-watt amp head. An all-tube amp head with five channels based on Edmund Engl’s own amp head.


ENGL E670FE Special Edition

This new ENGL E670FE Special Edition 100-watt amp head features five ECC83 preamp tubes and either four 6L6 or four EL34 power amp tubes.

Source: ENGL

Founders Edition

The Special Edition amp spent years in the studios of Edmund Engl – the founder of ENGL amps. Played by many iconic professional guitarists, who all had their own unique thoughts and requests when it came to tone and performance.

Over the years, Edmund Engl and senior designer Horst Langer tweaked the Special Edition multiple times, and now it is finally available as The Founders Edition.

Five Channels

The amp is super flexible and has five channels Clean, Crunch, Lead I, Lead II, and Tubedriver which should be more than enough for most guitarists. Plus, it offers a total of nine voicings to further the versatility of this amp.


The Tubedriver channel actually bypasses most of the amp’s inner workings to offer the purest circuit and all-tube tones.

Super Flexible

It uses a combination of powerful EQs and separate gain controls on each channel to Gain Boost, Hi Gain, Mid Shift, Contour, Bright, Mid Edge, Modern Classic, Mega Lo Punch, and Depth Boost switches, plus a built-in Reverb.

Founders Edition Rear Panel

Rear Panel · Source: ENGL

MIDI Control

The amp is also MIDI programmable, so users can save their favourite settings in up to 128 presets with the use of an optional external MIDI controller.

Other key features include a threshold-foot switchable noise gate, a Power Tube Monitor, three tube-buffered FX Loops, a line output, and multiple cabinet output options with 1 x 4ohms, 2 x 8ohms, 1 x 8ohms,2 x 16ohms, and 1 x 16ohms.

Each amp is handcrafted in Germany, so expect a very high-end build with this one.

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ENGL E670FE Special Edition Founders Edition

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