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Misha Mansoor mini invective MH  ·  Source: Peavey


Peavey has just announced a new 20-Watt amp head, the 20-Watt Misha Mansoor invective.MH. It’s a cut-down mini-head version of the the 120W invective amplifier – but not in terms of functionality. In fact, the Periphery guitarist’s new amp is crammed with useful features, some of which you might not find elsewhere.  


Misha Mansoor mini invective MH

Powered by a pair of EL84 power tubes and three 12AX7/ECC83 preamp tubes, the new Peavey Misha Mansoor mini invective amp head has a lot of great tones and features. It is rated at 20 Watts of power, but also has useful 5-Watt and 1-Watt settings, making it versatile enough for home, studio and stage.

Peavey Misha Mansoor mini invective Head 20 Watt amp

Peavey’s Misha Mansoor invective.MH mini 20W amp head · Source: Peavey


Don’t we all love a technology acronym? This amp has Peavey’s T.S.I., or Tube Status Indication, technology, a built-in circuit that helps to diagnose any problems with the power tubes. Two LEDs on the right above the Standby and Power switches show green if they’re OK. If they go red, the respective tube is either over- or under-current, meaning that they’re not performing well and might need servicing or replacement.

Clean & Lead Channels

The Clean channel has an adaptive 2-band EQ with Low and High controls. The Lead channel has a dedicated three-band EQ section, plus Pre-Gain and Post-Gain knobs.  You also have switches for Tight, Boost, Channel and Gate, which all do what you’d expect. The amp also has a Master Resonance and Master Presence control for more options in sculpting the overall tone. Looks like Peavey have given you everything you need for some nice crystalline cleans as well as the obligatory crushing gain tone you’d expect from this amp.

Peavey Misha Mansoor mini invective Head rear panel

Peavey Misha Mansoor mini invective Head rear panel · Source: Peavey


Peavey has also thought about recording scenarios. The invective.MH comes with what Peavey calls MSDI or Microphone Simulated Direct Interface as an XLR output;ground lift switch is included, too. The SPKR button defeats the speaker output and switches over to an internal dummy load, letting you monitor your sound on headphones or when recording without producing any sound at all – that’s a very useful feature. There’s also a power attenuator to drop the power down to 5 Watts or even 1 Watt. Two quarter-inch TRS footswitch jacks allow MIDI control as well.


The invective.MH has some great features for many scenarios and looks to have everything you could need from a modern amp. In particular, I love all those flexible recording options.

The Peavey site says this amp is due out in late July, so keep your eyes peeled for the new Misha Mansoor invective.MH at dealers later this year.

RRP: USD 699.99

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    GilmourD says:

    I thought this came out a year or two agony. I remember Misha showing it off at some trade shows.

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