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Fuchs Audio Mantis 89 amp head  ·  Source: Fuchs Audio


If you fancy some classic British amp tones, then the new Fuchs Audio Mantis 89 should be on your radar. Its purpose is to give you the sound of two different famous amps in one all-tube head. The two circuits are inspired by, obviously, the JCM 800 and 900, two of the world’s most famous guitar amplifiers.


Mantis 89

This new two-channel, all-tube amp head is designed to give you the tones of the British-voiced JCM 800 and 900. Expect plenty of high-gain tones from this model! You can order either a 50-Watt or lower output 20-Watt version. The two variants feature different power amp tubes; an EL34 output tube power section is used for the 50-watt model, while the 20-Watt version uses the 6V6 tube.

Fuchs Audio Mantis 89 amp head

Fuchs Audio Mantis 89 amp head · Source: Fuchs Audio

800 & 900

The EQ is what you’d expect, with three bands consisting of Bass, Middle and Treble. A Presence control and handy gain boost are available, too. There are separate Master and Gain controls for the two 800 and 900 voices, which should give you plenty of ways to dial in your amp tones. It should play ball with most cabs as well, as it provides settings for 4, 8 or 16 Ohm speaker outputs. The exterior has a classic black and gold finish.

All the power

If you are looking for a Marshall-style amp head with plenty of gain, then these are ones to check out. What I like here is that Fuchs has given the option of a lower output 20-Watt version, which may be more practical for may players. However, if you need the extra power, then the upcharge for the 50-Watt head is more than reasonable.

RRP – 20-watt version USD 1650 and 50-watt version USD 1850

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