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iZotope are one of my favourite plugin manufacturers and produce some of the highest quality plugins around at the moment. Typically they’re most recognised for their professional mixing, mastering and audio restoration tools. This new plugin however, is a unique special effect that follows the earlier release of their DDLY Dynamic Delay plugin. Unfortunately this one isn’t free.

This new effect from iZotope could be misconstrued as another phaser or flanger effect. Whilst it sonically sounds similar, this is a completely different concept. Based upon the Shepard Tone, Mobius is a complex movement of tones to give an endless feel of rising or falling. It works upon any source audio and is mostly controlled via a central frequency.

iZotope are describing the effect as being able to add movement to your music, either as an extreme riser or to ‘add subtle hints of motion’. Whilst I think this is a very cool plugin that offers something unique, crossing the gap between a mixing and a composition tool, it sounds like it could be easily recognisable on any record. That’s not always a bad thing of course, and it’s certainly up to how adventurous you are going to use it within your composition.

As you would expect from most modern plugins, especially from a manufacture like iZotope, there are all the usual plugin benefits. These include DAW automation control, sync with your sessions time base, mix amount and an added bonus of stereo width control. With the unique sound that Mobius delivers and this level of control, it should have a place on a wide selection of records.

Sure to be built to iZotope’s high standards, and suitable for Mac and Windows on 32-bit and 64-bit systems, Mobius is available in all the usual formats: AAX, VST, RTAS and AU. Unlike their DDLY Dynamic Delay plugin which was free, Mobius Filter is 49 USD. This isn’t too bad, but possibly a bit steep for an effect many of us will use a handful of times per year. It would be great to see this effect included in future updates of ‘Alloy’ or ‘Nectar’ as a new module.

More Information:

Here are 3 YouTube videos from iZoptope’s YouTube channel. They show three different audio examples of Mobius processing a whole mix, guitars and vocals.

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