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Elektron E25 Remix Edition

Elektron E25 Remix Edition  ·  Source: Elektron

Elektron Digitakt E25 Remix Edition

Elektron Digitakt E25 Remix Edition  ·  Source: Elektron

Elektron Digitone E25 Remix Edition

Elektron Digitone E25 Remix Edition  ·  Source: Elektron

Elektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition

Elektron Syntakt E25 Remix Edition  ·  Source: Elektron


Celebrate Elektron’s 25th anniversary with handmade limited versions of three of their biggest boxes.


Elektron Remix Editions

Few electronic instrument companies can boast of the kind of respect and influence as Elektron. The Swedish company has been at it since 1998, making 2023 their 25th anniversary. To celebrate, Elektron has released a series of limited edition models of three of their most famous instruments, the Digitakt, Digitone and Syntakt.


Dubbed E25 Remix Editions, these three new releases replace the familiar black chassis with stainless steel, recalling the company’s earliest products, the SidStation and Machinedrum. Each is handmade with laser engraving and a stamp indicating its number out of 1998 units (1998 being the year the company was established, of course). These will also include a silver Remix Edition cassette featuring music by Elektron employees. Here’s hoping for some solid deep house from Ricky Tinez.

Elektron Remix Editions: Same As It Ever Was

Aside from the changes to the chassis, the rest of the Digitakt, Digitone and Syntakt Remix editions appear to be the same as the normal versions. The Digitakt is still a kick-ass digital drum machine with eight audio tracks, eight dedicated MIDI tracks, support for sampling and excellent effects. The Digitone is the eight-voice polyphonic FM synth you need, with the added bonus of filters, overdrive and of course that famous Elektron sequencer. Syntakt is a hybrid digital and analogue drum machine/synthesizer with digital and analogue filters, overdrive, and more. They all feature song mode now, of course.

The E25 Remix Editions are priced slightly higher than the original versions. The Digitakt E25 Remix Edition is yours for €1049, the Digitone E25 Remix Edition will also set you back €1049, while the Syntakt E25 Remix Edition is going for a cool €1199. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of a cassette player.

Elektron Digitakt E25 Remix Edition
Digitone E25 Remix Edition
Syntakt E25 Remix Edition




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Elektron E25 Remix Edition

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7 responses to “Elektron Releases Limited E25 Remix Editions of Digitakt, Digitone, Syntakt”

    MM says:

    I´m sick of these cashgrabs, sick of limited editions. This scene becomes a fashion show.

      die beastie boys says:

      One thing to note is that the actual price is less than what this article states. They’re 100 more than the black ones.

      Overall, I personally don’t care about a cash-grab like this (there are worse things a company can do, like paid firmware updates or not including power cables). The black OT and others are great. If I didn’t already have one, and if I wasn’t keen on buying used (some people only buy new), then I’d buy one of these special editions. If someone wants to waste money re-buying a product they already own, then it’s not my problem.

      In all honesty, elektron are one of the best companies for customer service. When I first started out, I was on the hunt for the perfect drum machine, but there is no company that makes a perfect product. Every machine has compromises. I’m not happy about it, but it’s reality. And in a world where some companies release products with mind-numbingly dysfunctional features, elektron at least have consistency, and they make it easy to contact them and get hardware repaired–even old models.

      The one thing I like about this is that the DT buttons aren’t labeled with drum names. I’m glad someone somewhere at elektron understands how unnecessary that was before. Maybe they can do a recall on the old face plate and send us all a new one 🤣🤣

      die beastie boys says:

      oh, my point in praising elektron was to say that I like the company, and I hope they grab enough cash to stay afloat for a long time into the future.

      Their products aren’t perfect for me, but they don’t make them for me. And they won’t be grabbing my cash with this one, so I’m okay 👌👌

    DaSvenski says:

    give me some basic features introduced in the takt series for my expensive mk2s (Rytm and A4) such as the cord FM engine and scaled mode. this would make me celebrate instead of the overpriced special editions.

    sigslam says:

    they look so freakin awesome, but can we just get a digitakt mk2 already!!

      die beastie boys says:

      What would be featured on a DT2? (real question, not rhetorical 👌👌)

      I 100% feel you, but I don’t see a way it could happen. For me, Syntakt eliminated any slim hope of a DT2. Even without ST, anything in my mind that could be considered a DT2 would be slowly encroaching on OT territory, so it doesn’t seem like it would fit with elektron’s concept. They’ve got their bases covered in one form or another.

      [mostly] All I want is a few individual outs on DT/DN and more channels on DN, but the first ain’t happening, and the second is also obliterated by ST.

      ST makes it pretty clear elektron aren’t going to make a more synthy DT or a more drummy DN, which is how I envision mkii for both.

    John Price says:

    What does this release and Call of Duty have in common? Same old game, new skin, new price…

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