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Magnetic Effects Electrochop optical tremolo pedal

Magnetic Effects Electrochop optical tremolo pedal  ·  Source: YouTube/Magnetic Effects

Based in the UK, Magnetic Effects have been working on a new effect pedal called Electrochop. This hand-built optical tremolo and has some serious, er, chops. This is the latest in a series of iterations of this pedal, and this version appears to refine and expend the circuit.

Electrochop is an optical tremolo effect with a total of ten waveforms selected via the pedal’s WAVE Control. These include Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Square, Triangle and Sine. In the demo videos below you can hear the Electrochop do everything from vintage-style tremolo effects to more modern, harder trem settings.

Magnetic Effects Electrochop optical tremolo pedal

Magnetic Effects Electrochop optical tremolo pedal

Hard and fast

The pedal has a Volume control to help you compensate for the perceivable loss in volume when the tremolo effect is engaged. The rate of the tremolo is controlled with either the Speed control or an external Tap Tempo foot switch. Speed settings can go from super slow too very fast. The Multiply control selects the tempo multiplier, using Quarter note division. That lets you tap a wide range of speeds. When combined with the Speed control, the Multiply can get this effect working at frenetic speeds.


The LED colour changes to let you know whether the pedal is active or bypassed. But it also shows you the speed and depth setting of the pedal in both bypass and active modes. Neat.

The Electrochop is true-bypass, runs from an external 9-18v DC centre-negative power supply and also has reverse polarity protection. So if you mess up and use the wrong power supply it won’t damage the pedal.

I’m a huge fan of tremolo pedals and already own quite a few of them. I love the movement that they can give your guitar sound, especially in a studio environment. This one is well priced and has tones of usable settings, so I can see it being quite popular.

RRP – GBP 125 plus shipping

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