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Soul Pog Pedal Made in The USA

Two favourites from Electro Harmonix in one pedal.  ·  Source:

Soul Pog Pedal Made in The USA

Two favourites from Electro Harmonix in one pedal.  ·  Source:

Electro Harmonix have been very busy over on the East Coast of America. They have been announcing lots of new pedals in the last few weeks; now they have just announced the Soul Pog.

The Soul Pog is a dual pedal really, as it is a combination of their Soul Food overdrive pedal and the Nano POG (Polyphonic Octave Generator) pedals. Both are already popular EH pedals and the Soul Food has already gained a reputation as a very cheap Klon clone (a classic transparent sounding boutique low gain overdrive pedal from the ‘90s by Bill Finnegan). The POG effect has been around for a number of years now in various formats from Electro Harmonix and so this new combination is an interesting one.

The pedal looks to be well built from what I can see in the demo video. EH have had good and bad periods in terms of product reliability over the years, and this unit has Electro Harmonix’s usual style paint job with with “Built in New York City, USA” emblazoned on the front. There are two footswitches, one for the POG side and the other for the Soul Food side.

There are controls for Dry, Sub Octave and Octave for the POG side and Volume, Treble and Drive for the Soul Food side. The order of the two effects can be switched over. The Octave-Up achieves two different sounds by clicking the Mode switch on the top above the controls. There is also a built-in effects loop so you can place another effect pedal in the signal path, further adding to this pedal’s flexibility. The pedal looks like it will only run off a power supply, which is included in the price.

There are sound demos already up online, so you can go check out out now:

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