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Pico Platform  ·  Source: EHX


The new EHX Pico Platform is a new studio-style compression and limiting effect in this new Pico series of pedals. This new mini effect pedal range launched at the end of July with the Pico POG


EHX Pico Platform

If you need a small footprint compressor/limiter then the new EHX Pico Platform has you covered.

It is based on the full-sized stereo Platform compressor/limiter pedal, just this time it is a lot smaller and so it loses a few features.

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Electro Harmonix Platform Compressor/Limiter
Electro Harmonix Platform Compressor/Limiter
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Sure, you lose the stereo operation and the metering with this new Pico version, but it retains the key studio-grade compression/limiter characteristics and that could be a great tool for a lot of guitarists.


Pico-sized compression and limiting · Source: EHX

Studio-Style Compression

It has Hard/Sort Knee compression options via a push button on the top of the front panel. The Hard Knee offers more dramatic compression styles, whilst the Soft Knee setting is somewhat smoother in operation

Plus, it has standard controls for Vol, Sustain, Attack and Blend.  Making it both simple to use and easy to see what is going on.

Studio-grade Compression

Studio-grade Compression · Source: EHX

Adjust to taste

Blend adjusts the overall dry/wet ratio, whilst Sustain adjusts the compressor ratio or limiter threshold and  Attack adjusts the attack time of the compression/limiter effect. Finally, Volume controls the overall output level.


For studio-style compression, it covers all the basics, and it could be great to have on a pedalboard.  As it will help keep your tone constant and in check.

The Pico Platform is designed to be extremely transparent with no added tonal colouration, so it is perfect for a lot of applications.

The pedal has a buffered bypass and the price also includes a power supply.

MSRP – USD 119

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