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EastWest Play 5

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The Play engine is EastWest’s sample streaming instrument interface, browser and mixer. All of their vast array of sample instruments run within it. EastWest has just released version 5 of the Play engine and it brings quite a few enhancements and goodies.



Probably the most important improvement is in the performance department. Shorter load times and better CPU performance make for a much snappier interface. Particular care has been taken to maximise performance of library running on SSD drives and PCIe flash based storage. So overall the experience of using Play has been tweaked and streamlined. This is no mean feat when dealing the huge sample sets in the EastWest library.

Free Stuff

Along with the performance improvements EastWest have thrown a load of stuff in. The SSL/EW FX Global Suite (formally $99) is now available to all users on every product in their collection. This is a bunch of SSL professional effects covering filter, EQ, compression, transients, gate and expander. If you are running Goliath then you’ll also welcome the free addition of Ohmicide and the Amp Simulator. The EW Convolution Reverb has been massively expanded with 726 new impulses.

Not too shabby for a free update. It should be noted that version 5 is 64 bit only. Anyone using the 32 bit version should stick with Play 4.3.5 and perhaps go off and rethink their life choices.

For more information and to download the update head over the website.


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