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Dronar Guitar Soundscapes rhythm editor

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes rhythm editor  ·  Source:

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes drone editor

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes drone editor  ·  Source:

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes FX editor

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes FX editor  ·  Source:

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes arp editor

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes arp editor  ·  Source:

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes  ·  Source:


Gothic Instruments introduced their Dronar cinematic hybrid sound engine back in February. Today they’ve released a new version based entirely on guitars. If the original is anything to go by then this should be a lot of fun.


Dronar Guitar Soundscapes

The sound source is derived from recordings of both electric and acoustic guitars. These are then manipulated through the Dronar sound engine which morphs and flows, twists and shimmies around generating “complex atmospheres and otherworldly soundscapes”. The concept is to keep it simple, to let sounds flow from a few key presses and then allow a free hand to manipulate parameters on the fly. Dronar automatically adds root and high notes to whatever you play, drowning you in 8 different sounds, animated with LFO’s and the new rhythm sequencer.

It’s designed to be messed with. You’ll struggle to find a nice clean guitar sound, this is a monster of interweaving audio moving through a sonic worm hole… or something like that.

It’s got rhythm

The new rhythm editor allows you to create intricate patterns and intertwine them with the pads and atmospherics. It’s not just another sequencer or arpeggiator – although it has that too. The Rhythm editor gives you full control over intensity and timing. You can introduce triplets into certain beats and off-set with competing rhythms in lower and higher frequency ranges.

As with the original Dronar the interface is a delight. It’s clear and full of space and movement. It pulls you in, wanting to be played with while not feeling complex or overwhelming. There’s a whole lot going on in here. Check out the video below for an idea of what it’s capable of.

Dronar Guitar Soundscapes includes over 320 presets from a library of almost 6GB. It’s designed for Kontakt 5.5 or above and so will run on both OS X and Windows. It retails for £59.95 but is going to 20% off until 20th September.

More information available on the Time and Space website.


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