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Dr Z EMS head

Dr Z EMS head  ·  Source: Dr Z

Dr Z’s new EMS amp head is essentially the history of Marshall in one boutique valve amp featuring the ability to dial in JTM 50, JMP or JCM-inspired circuits. This is one very British-flavoured guitar amp head!

Plexi and beyond

This new EMS amp head and matching 2×12 cab is Marshall’s most iconic amp heads rolled into one, with the ability to dial in everything from vintage bluesy ’60s JTM tones, ’70s glam style JMP tones and more metal-inspired ’80s cascaded JCM800 drive tones.

That is a hell of a lot of quality amp tones for one head and Dr Z have one of the best reputations around for making great-sounding boutique amp heads. I think is a big deal. You have to check out Dave Baker’s official YouTube demo video below to get a feel for what this amp head can do.

With a Celestion G12H and Creamback speaker loaded in the matching 2×12 cab, this setup really can get you close to those popular Marshall tones we all know from our record collections, going from classic rock to modern high gain crunch tones.

Dr Z have even gone as far as recreating the Drake’s hand-wound transformer that old Marshalls would have contained. This is combined with switchable tube or solid-state rectification, which makes this one very versatile amp head in my opinion – if you like classic British amp tones. This could be a hit for anyone looking for a versatile Marshall-style 50W amp head.

Dr Z EMS head

More Marshall than Marshall?


The Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence controls are combined with switchable 5U4GB tube and solid state diodes for rectification. The preamp stage uses three 12AX7 tubes, the power amp a pair of EL34’s. You’ve also got that hand-wound Drake-style 50-Watt transformer, giving you anything you might need to recreate many classic guitar tones from Led Zeppelin and Hendrix through to Metallica and beyond.

Will these give Friedman a run for their money this year?

RRP USD 1,899 or 2599 with matching 2×12 cab

Dr Z’s EMS product page


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