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DPW M1 Mix

DPW M1 Mix  ·  Source: DPW


The chips are back, and so the MOG D-2 4-band distortion returns. Meanwhile, DPW Design has released a new M1 mixer with soft-knee limiting.


M1 Mix

M1 Mix is a simple-looking mixer with some hidden superpowers. It’s designed to the compact and serves the needs of the small performance case. It can be set up as a pannable 4-channel stereo mixer or 8 channels of mono with crossfading in 4 groups.

When switched into Mono mode via the “M” switch, you control the level of the two inputs going into the first stereo input with the one knob. The pan control becomes a crossfade between the pairs of channels, letting you rather cleverly balance them against each other. Channels 1&2 and 3&4 can be “M”-ed independently, giving you some versatile configurations.


The soft-knee limiter is there to prevent clipping regardless of how hot the inputs are. It’s nicely transparent when used gently and pours on the compression when overloaded. The M1 Mix is also DC coupled so that you can use it for voltage as well as audio.

I really like the crossfade concept and how it gives you the option of smoothly moving from one set of four sound sources to another.


It’s great to see the definitive 4-band distortion for guitar and Eurorack back in stock. It’s a sound-defining module.

DPW M1 Mix

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