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digital brain instruments oscar

 ·  Source: Digital Brain Instruments

Digital Brain Instruments released an useful signal generator plug-in which goes by the name of Oscar. As the name implies, Oscar largely deals with oscillators – though not the kind you may be used to from synthesizers. Rather, they serve as tone and noise generators for testing and analysis purposes. That’s what the manufacturer says, anyway.

If you ever listened or tried to make brash industrial music, you ought to know full well how such innocent-looking tools become absolute monsters of racket when pushed to their extremes, and with a bit of processing thrown at them. Don’t believe me? Ask Trent Reznor sampling an audio technician’s signal/noise generator during the recording of NIN’s magnum opus, The Downward Spiral! I cannot find a link to the anecdote right now, but I’m dead sure it happened.

Back on topic, Oscar is a pretty cool guy that comes equipped with three adjustable oscillators and one noise generator. You can program/automate frequency changes or modulate the signals with an adjustable LFO. There’s built-in recording functionality, comprehensive routing, and a MIDI matrix so you can essentially play/control Oscar as a virtual instrument. I think this is a really cool plug-in which I will be putting to dramatic use in my experiments with noise.

Price and availability

Oscar is priced at a reasonable USD 40 and available for Windows and Mac computers. A demo version can be downloaded from Digital Brain Instruments.

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