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Deckard's Voice

Deckard's Voice  ·  Source: Black Corporation


I did not see this coming. Black Corporation has just announced a Eurorack version of their Deckard’s Dream homage to the Yamaha CS-80. They are calling it Deckard’s Voice which we can assume refers to this being a single voice of the otherwise polyphonic synthesizer.


Deckard’s Voice

The only information released at the moment is via a single Instagram post. They’ve not as yet responded to any of the many questions people have posted. Along with the image Black Corporation says it’s semi-modular, trimmed down version sharing the same paradigm and circuit as the Deckard’s Dream with a load of CV ports because this is Eurorack.

Going from the image we have a single voice, single layer square or sawtooth oscillator with detuning and noise running through a high-pass and low-pass resonant filter which can be modulated by an ADR envelope with Initial Level and Initial Attack. An LFO section comes with a choice of 6 waveforms and can be directed to the VCO, VCF and VCA. There’s then another ADSR envelope for the VCA.

CV controls are available for pitch, pulse width modulation, brilliance (cutoff), resonance, envelope level and LFO speed. There’s also an FM input and filter input. You get outputs on the square, sawtooth, sine wave and noise. There’s an output for the envelope, the LFO and you get a Master output, Mix output and Line output.

They say they are shipping in the autumn so it can’t be very far away from being a workable module that some lucky people have already been playing with. No price has been announced but one can assume it will be towards the premium end of the market. The look is perfect and I imagine this is going to generate a whole load of interest. I wonder if there’ll be a DIY kit version as there is with the Deckard’s Dream?


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  1. Karkille says:

    Naaah ill take the Behringer cs80 clone instead ?

    Thank you for bringing us these news btw. I’m a frequent visitor and I think yours is the go to place for gear news. Thank you for your work??

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