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Dean MD 24 Floyd in Vintage Orange and Vintage Blue

Dean MD 24 Floyd in Vintage Orange and Vintage Blue  ·  Source: Dean

Dean recently announced two new MD 24 Floyd models, with a massive nod to ’80s shred. These SuperStrat-style guitars feature roasted maple necks and twin humbuckers. With a choice of two hot colours, these colourful shredders will have you playing Hair Metal licks all day!

Dean MD 24 Floyd

Eighties retro-shredder style SuperStrats are all the rage at the moment it would seem, and these new Dean MD 24 Floyd models certainly fit the bill. The bodies are made of basswood, which has a great neutral tone that suits these style of instruments. It may not be the prettiest wood to look at, as it has boring grain patterns, but it works well with solid colours. These models will be available in either a hot Vintage Blue or Vintage Orange finish.

Both guitars come loaded with a Seymour Duncan TB5 humbucker in the bridge and a Seymour Duncan APH-1 Zebra in the neck position. Both of the pickups are direct mounted to the body and have a unique sandblasted finish, so they look the part. Pickups are wired via a three-way toggle selector switch and a single volume knob. It’s a nice and simple layout, and one that should be easy to dial in.

Dean MD 24 Floyd Vintage Orange

Dean MD 24 Floyd Vintage Orange

Dean MD 24 Floyd Vintage Blue

Dean MD 24 Floyd Vintage Blue

Locking Floyd

As the name suggests, you get a Floyd Rose 1000 Series locking trem and nut in black, paired with a set of Grover tuners. The guitar has a 25.5″ scale length and a C profile roasted maple neck. The fingerboard is a nice flattish 12″ radius and has 24 jumbo frets. All these appointments are perfect for this style of guitar, and should also provide rock-solid tuning stability.

’80s Shredders

To keep the models affordable, they are made in Indonesia and, for the money, I think the specifications are about right. If you like SuperStrat-style guitars, then these are worth checking out, as you get some decent hardware. Most Indonesian guitars I have played recently are put together pretty well, which makes them very good value for money.

Alternate models would be the recent Kramers from last month’s NAMM release. Or perhaps the EVH 5150 models. It certainly is becoming a crowded market at this price point. And there’s nothing wrong with that, as it gives you a lot of options.

RRP – USD 849

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