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Dead Duck Effects Bundle

Dead Duck Effects Bundle  ·  Source:

Dead Duck Synth Bundle

Dead Duck Synth Bundle  ·  Source:


Ready for a motherload of free effects plug-ins? Developer Dead Duck Software dropped the Dead Duck Synth and Effects bundles, two completely free collections of music production essentials that could get anyone going! Predictably, these are Windows-only (32 & 64-bit), as many small time developers don’t have the resources to create and support Mac versions as well. Unfortunate, but hey, keeping a Windows PC around is worth it just for the grand selection of freeware plug-ins available.


The Synth Bundle

The synth bundle contains new and improved versions of two older, but highly regarded VST simulations of the Yamaha DJX and DX10 synths. They have complete graphical interfaces that are very easy on the easy and straightforward to use. Both feature full preset management and plenty of built-in sounds to get you started. Given the originals, the sound is, unsurprisingly, unabashedly digital. And sometimes that’s exactly what the song calls for! Grab the Dead Duck Synth bundle here.


The Effects Bundle

The Effects bundle is more elaborate, as it contains no less than 16 bread-and-butter effects. These are AutoPan, Channel, Chorus, Compressor, Delay, Equaliser, Filter, Flanger, Gate, Limiter, MonoDelay, Phaser, Reverb, SigGen, Tremolo, and Utility. Their names are pretty self-explanatory, with the exception of Utility. What’s that, a knife? Heh, no. It’s a tool for checking how your mix sounds in different scenarios – Normal, Swap L/R channels, Left channel, Right channel, and Mono. You can also do phase inversion (left and right), or bypass the plug-in. The Utility is great for predicting how your stuff is going to sound through a mono speaker in a club, or when your listeners accidentaly jab their right earphone into their left ear (ouch!). Grab the Effects bundle from here.

You probably have all the needs serviced by these plug-ins covered by other VSTs and effects bundles, but variety is the spice of life, as they say. So head over to Dead Duck’s, check out what’s up, and get yourself sorted. The plug-ins can be downloaded separately, too, so no need to get and install everything.

Dead Duck Effects bundle

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