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dbx’s DriveRack processors are seriously heavyweight speaker management rack units that you can thank for preventing many of the live gigs you’ve been to descending into a hell of feedback and mush. For smaller venues though they can be overkill, and that’s where the new goRack comes in. A much smaller and more affordable box, it’s claimed to distil the essence of its more expensive siblings into the palm of your hand.

Connected between a mixer and an amplifier or as a standalone processor for a solo artist, it has a simple set of controls for managing and enhancing the sound that comes out of your PA system. Compared to the more hardcore interface of the bigger units it certainly looks designed for more novice sound engineers to get to grips with quickly – though that’s no reflection on its capabilities.

Buttons and a data wheel on the front let you select a function and then dial in its settings. There’s automatic feedback suppression that can be set to listen for feedback and remove it before it appears, an onboard compressor for putting a sort of audio ‘glue’ across the whole signal and a sub synth feature that adds a bass note an octave below the bass in the original signal. There’s also EQ with presets to tune the signal for a specific space.

This should all be much easier than lugging in racks of outboard if you are running a smaller setup, and indeed if you’re a solo performer who wants to get better control over the sound in venues where the installed PA equipment might not be great. The price for this apparent miracle? Just £79 ex.vat, or around €127 inc VAT.


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